Org charts for Salesforce

Bring a new dimension to your Salesforce data
with the most powerful org charts and relationship diagrams


Feature-Rich Diagrams

Structur gives a brand-new dimension to your data by exposing relationships and relative ranks with diagrams like org charts effortlessly.

Show, create and edit records

Easy build complex structures of related data at a glance. Instead of the traditional navigation through multiple pages and related lists - view, edit and create records in a single Structur diagram.


Compatible with any data model

Structur works with both standard and custom objects whether it comes from Sales Cloud®, Service Cloud®, solutions like Field Service or CPQ, managed packages or your own customization.

A responsive Lightning component

Structur can be added on any record page from the Lightning App Builder. It's also compatible with Salesforce Mobile App.


Selecting relationships and filtering records

Structur guides admins in selecting the relationships and filtering the records to display

Customizing labels and icons

Admins can choose to keep standard Salesforce themes or replace them by custom labels and icons. For example, pictures for contacts, logos for companies, icons depending on case status, opportunity amounts on connection lines...

Many other options

Customize your layout with other useful options like read-only, layout direction, hiding top parent record and relationship cells...


Built on the Salesforce platform™

Structur guarantees full compatibility with Lightning Experience and Lightning Design System.

No code needed

Just a few point and click is required to get amazing diagrams thanks to the intuitive settings panel

Support & templates

Visit our Support website to find the installation guide, templates to import, release updates and other useful information

Simple, transparent pricing


For limited usage

£10 / user / mo
  • check Up to 3 configurations
  • check Standard and custom objects
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Customize your diagrams with premium options

£18 / user / mo
(or £75 / 5 users / mo)
  • check Up to 5 configurations
  • check Standard and custom objects
  • check Replace default labels
  • check Use custom icons or pictures
  • check Filter records
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Unlimited configurations

  • check Unlimited configurations
  • check Standard and custom objects
  • check Replace default labels
  • check Use custom icons or pictures
  • check Filter records
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